The sixth edition of Y/CON has just finished last night and it’s with a lot of memories and emotion that we come back home. This exhibition isn’t just Event Yaoi’s one but also and above all else yours! Being visitors, partners, exhibitors or volunteers, you all contributed to its success and its wealth. With all our heart, thank you
We hope that you had as much fun as we had during this week-end, some tears dropped, painful zygomatic and a joy overdose. What happiness!

And because we don’t want to end this edition, we will post photos from the exhibition in the coming weeks! You will also empty a tissues box? From our side, we have prepared a lot of boxes.

The Event Yaoi thanks warmly its partners: Les Esslières (Thank you Jessica!), L’armée des Geeks (Gérald Galliano), AnimeLand, Japan Lifestyle, Asian Dreamers, Laissez-Nous Danser, Milady, MxM Bookmark, Crunchyroll, Pocket Jeunesse, Viceland, Black Box, Taifu Comics, Pointmanga.com, Boy’s Loves IDP, YBY Éditions, Kaze, dans nos histoires, Le Refuge, Hôtel Balladins and La Ferme des Barmonts.

We also thank all our guests (K.J. Charles, Marie Sexton, David Gilson, Hubert, Lizzie Crowdagger, Aadorah, Sophie Labelle, Amaury Grisel et Franckie Véga), our speakers (Alice in Animation, Anyta Sunday, Caly, Céline Etcheberry, Mademoiselle Cordelia, David Halphen, Gabylc, Guillaume Kapp, Isabelle Varange, Machina Su, Marie Thullien, Monsieur Q, Nawak, Nephyla, Noémie Saint Gal, Pauline Mardoc, Reru, Shali), our exhibitors, our volunteers and of course … YOU, DEAR VISITORS! Thanks for all your support and your love!

President’s Thanks: Thanks to all my team for its commitment, sacrifices and love given for the 6th edition’s realization. I love you all!

As an exclusive, and because we love you, we give you as of now the next Y/CON7’s dates; write it in your planning, it will be on Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of December 2018! Any idea on our theme?