Everybody on-stage

This year, we offer you not one or two, but THREE ANIMATIONS on cosplay! Great news, at the Y/CON we love to spoil you, don’t we?

Free Cosplay: For our first animation, go on stage, strike a pose and make us dream! Relax and enjoy! We look forward to you, it will be the time to show how you are wonderful you are! If Paris have his fashion show, the Y/CON have one too. The parade will be incredible, just thanks to you!

Wing it challenge!: And after that, no time to take a rest, come back for our challenge! Among three topics, choose the one you like the most and draw a wonderful accessory, then choose a music and make a crazy display! Are you ready to rise the challenge? Then do not hesitate anymore, go on stage!

Cosplay Parade: Finally, the one you are all waiting for… Our big cosplay show on Sunday! What would be the Y/CON without it? So come with us and set the stage on fire! The stage is yours, do what you want with an improvised or a prepared service, alone or with friend.

The Y/CON is also an occasion to express yourself in a safe and friendly space!

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