Food Stand

It’s 12 o’clock and your stomach is rumbling. Is hunger coming? So, go immediately to the catering area! To fill your huge appetite, we have prepared everything you need!

Taiyaki Café and NeoBento will know how to thrill you with their delicious Japanese meals: handmade bento and sweet or savory Japanese traditional filled cakes (called taiyaki).

Event Yaoi also its has own stand, where you will find the association’s members on the Bi’Chaud booth! Ramen and mochi only served smilingly and joyfully. This year again, Event Yaoi works with Legay Choc’s bakery who will offer you their delicious brioches with chocolate chip, penis shaped!

Big innovation, the Oh mon Cake !!’s pastry made for you a delicious rainbow cake. Be careful, the rainbow cake slices will be in limited quantities! Don’t miss it!

A little thirsty? No worry, find PerloDrink and their delicious bubble tea at the Y/CON 6!

List of food stand