Guest: Sophie Labelle

Canadian transgender artist full of surprises, Sophie Labelle is well-known for her cartoons and webcomics that deals with topics such as gay, bisexual, lesbian relationships but also transgender identity. You can find her work on her website “Assigned Male” where she publish her main work also named Assigned Male.

In this moving cartoon serie we meet Stéphie, an 11 years old young transgender girl. She tells us about her life, confronted with transphobia and cissexism in her everyday life. It’s an open window, full of humor and truth, on a reality many people have to deal with.

Because these are topics we really care about, we will have the pleasure to welcome Sophie at the Y/CON 6 where she will talk about her story and her work! She will also be present for a “Share with…” workshop where you will be able to ask her questions about her work as an artist, her inspirations… In short, a friendly and safe moment!

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