Lily Haime

After 10 years on the other side of the World, Lily Haime is back in Bordeaux, by Lacanau’s shores. There, she can give free reign to her passions. Music, biopics, History, medicine, art, complicated stories… She loves walking barefoot and compiling her son’s laughs. Enjoy time with her loved ones and build her nest in a crumbling house.

And, of course, getting lost in words. Whether they are beautiful or tough, ancient or contemporary, it is a magic that appeals to her. Because Lily grew up surrounded by books, and writing is an endless source of freedom for her. The characters that come to life under her pen are always touching and accurate.


2018 et avant : Série Les Nébuleux | Série Les Roses Cherokees tome 1 | Série A demi-mots | Série L’effet papillon
Étoile de Brume | La lettre | Mathias | Mon plus beau rêve | Déferlante | Malibu | Abysses | Clair Obscur
2019 : Et tu marcheras vers les étoiles | Série Les Roses Cherokees tome 2
2020 : À chacun de nos souffles | En Miroir | Les mots oubliés | L’oiseau bleu
2021 : Je réinventerai la pluie
2022 : Parle-moi encore

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