Y/CON 6 – 14 & 15 oct 2017

Since forever, our exhibition is willing to be friendly and welcoming. A “safe space” where well-being, entertainment and respect are prioritized! Curious, neophyte, or big fan, it is the perfect place to exchange, learn and meet new people!

Our previous edition took place on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of October 2017 at l’Espace Congrès Les Esselières (Villejuif – Paris) and extended 2 000 m².

More than 2 100 visitors came from all over France and Europe (UK, Belgium, Switzerland)…

More than 70 exhibitors, professional and independent artists, were part of this incredible event.

Supported by numerous partners, this project is brought by Event Yaoi, a volunteers’ association.

Credits: Mizury / Eline Yu


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