Y/CON 4 – Guests & Speakers

HamletMachine – Guest of honor (USA)


HamletMachine is an artist from New York City. She draws Starfighter, an ongoing webcomic that contains graphic sexual visuals, sci-fi themes, and a distinct, striking art style that has made it globally popular. She has coordinated an occult-inspired anthology named Coven, as well as a small zine about a witchy-inspired threesome named Devil’s Dance. She is currently working on the visual novel for Starfighter, named Eclipse, after a successful Kickstarter campaign. She enjoys creating erotic illustrations and fanart which you can find on her website:

Monsieur Q – Guest (France)


“Before learning how to love, homosexuals learn how to lie.” In October 2013, Quentin starts his blog with this quote in mind and names it: “Little Lies of Mr Q”, where he writes about his daily life, either it’s funny or sad, with poetry and sometimes with indignation but always with his refined drawings and (sweet) palette. After his studies at Dijon’s Fine Arts Academy, Mr Q worked a while at Delcourt Editions and then decided to continue as a comic artist and started his collaboration with the magazine madmoiZelle.com. In 2014, he also won the Golden Blog Awards (Comics category).

Aki-Vega (France)


Famous cosplayer and mainly crossplayer since 2009, Aki-Vega was quickly noticed on social medias thanks to her/his androgynous build, completely comfortable with the idea of being genderfluid on a daily life basis. Aki plays with this ambiguity and doesn’t hesitate to embody transvestites and especially effeminate men. Having grown up since childhood in the Asian culture, cosplay is extremely important to her/him since it allows her/his artistic side to express itself freely. Aki makes cosplays from Boy’s Love works’ characters such as Shiki and Inu/Kau from Togainu no chi, Hiro-san from Junjou Egoist, Taki Reizen from Maiden Rose or Izumi Takuto from Zetsuai 1989, her/his favorite yaoi… As a Jack of all trade, Aki has been drawn towards the FX make up field and more precisely towards the making of prosthesis for a while.

Julien Bouvard (France)


Lecturer at the Language and Japanese Civilisation department (Lyon III College), Julien Bouvard specializes in humanities, especially about manga history. Found of sociology and politics, he also went on a Japanese course.