Online Ticket Office

You know it, you can buy your tickets online or on presale at FNAC. It’s been several weeks since we opened the Y/CON6’s ticket office and you’re already a lot to have bought your presales: we thank you, and you can’t wait to meet you and we hope that you will have a good time with us!

You have also the possibility to buy your ticket on the spot the D-day.

If you buy your tickets on presale you can enter from 9:00am and you place will be guaranteed !

A little reminder that we offer a day ticket but also a 2 days Pass and a FAN Pass.
The FAN Pass will allow you to have a breakfast with one of our guests (Marie Sexton on Saturday and KJ Charles on Sunday). It’s a good way to start a day and the exhibition, isn’t it? Do not forget that the FAN Pass is also on limited quantity.

The presales will be finished on October 12th at midnight (12:00pm), or rush into your computer or in a FNAC shop to book your place for the Y/CON6! You don’t want to miss it, right? We wait for you as much as possible!

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