Reminder: Boothes

It’s been several weeks that we’d talked about the exhibition and some boothes that you can find there, so here a little reminder.

Find Ahmeliie, Editions Vov’el, Go Kawaii, Juno Publishing & Sidh Press, Men Over the Rainbow, Milady, Minky Europe, Mix Editions, MxM Bookmark & Reines Beaux, Point Communs bookshop, Taifu, IDP Home Video.

But that’s not all! This year it’s not fewer than 80 independant artists that we welcome during the Y/CON 6.

You will also find some boothes with things to eat in food service space that to NeoBento and Taiyaki Café. Our association will welcome you smiling at Bi’Chaud in partnership with the Legay Choc and Oh mon Cake’s bakeries. A little thristy? PerloDrink is here for you.

Come to the Y/CON6 to meet them all.

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