Speakers: Anna Madill, Chi-tan and Inko

Intervenants Anna Madill, Chi-tan et Inko

The Y/CON 7 is welcoming three interesting women coming from UK to talk and exchange about yaoi.

Anna Madill is a researcher in social science at the British Academy, aiming to understand and decipher Boy’s Love. By her side will be Yao Zhao, PhD student working on chinese Boy’s Love. Both of them will share their view on Boy’s Love and its fandom.

BL mangaka Chi-tan will participate in several activities, round table and conference. A unique production that will take you on a journey from UK to Japan.

And because three is a magic number, mangaka Inko will join us as well to share her artistic work and experience in Boy’s Love.

Be ready to join them on this journey certainly filled with tantalizing eye-candy boys!

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