Speakers: Chez Papa Papou, Eli Easton, Murielle Douru

During the Y/CON7, you could find Emil and Yo from the French Youtube channel “Chez Papa Papou”. They’ll come to share with us their experience with kids and parenthood by destroying prejudices and unreal ideals, as the fact that once you’re a parent, you don’t have a life anymore or that “to well raise” a kid, they need a mom and a dad… It’s with kindness and by being optimistic that they deal with this issue.

A topic that Muriel Douru comes up against too. She loves to write tales to approach this parenthood’s question in every shape and form: heteroparenthood, homoparenthood, single-parent or blended family. She fights against intolerance and gives to her characters a chance to speak.

This question of parenthood implies another one, about romantic relationship, a question that Eli Easton is attached to. She believes in true love and narrates it in her romance novel. Is it stronger than anything else? She tries to support it with a style combining good writing, humour, eroticism and sweetness.

If you are interested in the homoparenthood and romantic relationship’s topics, come to round table of Chez Papa Papou, Muriel Douru and Eli Easton during the Y/CON7!

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