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Event Yaoi

Event Yaoi - logo-sans baseline★ The association who organise the Y/CON 5 ★


Guest: Ero★Pinku

Ero PinkuEro★Pinku will sell drawings, arts, goodies…
Commissions are open during the event.
The schedule of her book signing will be announced later.


Guest: H.V. Gavriel

HVGavriel-avatarOur bookshop will sell her books.
The schedule of her book signing will be announced later.


Guest: Miyuli

Avatar_MIYULIMiyuli will sell drawings, arts, goodies…
Commissions are open during the event.
The schedule of her book signing will be announced later..


Guest: Rann

Rann_avatarRann will sell drawings, arts, goodies… and present you her new BL Game Suberbia.


Guest: ElephantWendigo

avatar-invité_Sir-WendigoSir Wendigo will sell drawings, arts, goodies…
Commissions are open during the event.
The schedule of his book signing will be announced later.


Library / Bookshop

Iin partnership with Les Mots à la Bouche, a bookshop 100% LGBTQ+ will open at the Y/CON 5! Book signing there!

Juno Publishing >

Juno Publishing intend to promote homo-romance without discrimination of sex, skin colour or gender.


MxM Bookmark >

MxM Bookmark
Publisher of homo-romantic novels.


Reines-Beaux >

Reines-Beaux is a new publishing house which aspires to promote human rights and right to difference. We turn towards the whole spectrum of the LGBT+ community.


Sidh Press >

Sidh Press
Sidh Press intend to promote homo-romance without discrimination of sex, skin colour or gender.


Taifu Comics >

Taifu-Comics publishing releases yaoi and yuri mangas. It is a professionnal publisher established at the beginning of the 2000s.


Voy’el >

Editions Voy'el
We share our stall with BL&CO. We sell homo-romantic novels.

BL&CO is an association created two years ago. [facebook]


$cytheBory and Alix will welcome you to the booth called “$cythe” to introduce you to their fantasy universe through sketchbooks, comics and goodies! Le monde des Dragons saisonniers, its plots and love stories will have the place of honour with brand new adventures released especially for the Y/CON 5.
@ websitefacebook



AislingWe will introduce you to our webcomic Braises, a yaoi bonus chapter, an artbook, an inkbook as well as various goodies (cards, badges, bookmarks, posters) related to themes dealing with the genres of fantastic and fantasy (and yaoi, obviously). Demons, werewolves, vampires, angels and other supernatural creatures lovers, come and find us!
@ facebook


Alpaca’s Workshop

Alpaga workshopI study in an art school, and I am an illustrator working in the field of yaoi, shounen-ai. I plan to display on my booth shounen-ai/yaoi drawings from different fandoms, but also original character drawings, postal cards, pins, a manga-style portraying service, fanart commissions and artbooks.
@ deviantart


Aluuka & My-ëVe

Aluuka & My-ëVeComics, Photos & Illustrations are gathered, along with two artists who will offer you various goodies, comics and artbooks related to their respective universes.
@ facebookfacebook



AquilegiaAquilegia is a yaoi fantasy/SF fanzine focused on original comics and novels. Our products mix up romance and suspense: for instance, our novel entitled L’Aigle et le Safran describes the deadly power games between a courtier and the general of an empire, whereas L’Homme Noyé involves mystery and mythology. Our goal: captivation and fascination!
@ website


Atelier Alita

Atelier AlitaAtelier Alita is a group of four artists, who offer a lot of goodies as well as comics on the theme of BL and Yuri. Come and discover our famous sexy and crazy series, Sugar Lust, to get your fill of happiness!
@ facebook


Bad Mint (Swiss)

Bad MintWelcome to the world of Bad Mint! Come and discover a modern Japan as seen by four young persons from different backgrounds looking for love, happiness and have fun… In short, LIFE! And between homophobia, sexism, domestic violence and agressions at school… They have a long way to come! All welcome!
@ facebookdeviantart


Blind (Swiss)

BlindI am an amateur comic artist who is currently working on a dystopic webcomic entitled Blind. It deals with various problematics like gender non-compliance, homosexuality, harassment and sexism and more. For now, only the first chapter is printed and the second is in writing process.
@ facebook



Bull'AcideBull’Acide is a Fanzine association composed of Astate, Juuna and Riku, who draw and write fanfictions and original stories, and of Benji, who takes partin the organization.
@ facebookwebsite


Carnival circuS

Carnival circuSWe are two friends keen on popculture and artistic creation. Our booth will mainly sell fanarts, doujinshis and goodies, but also original productions often related to the theme of LGBT.
@ facebook


Cherries Project

Cherries ProjectCherries project is a yaoi fanzine, three tomes have already been released, as well as a lot of goodies inspired by them. Specialized in glass engraving, the booth “so glass” is associated to cherries project.
@ facebook


Chie & Inko (England)

Chie & InkoWe are Japanese mangakas work in UK. Chie is specialized in Yaoi and doing a new yaoi webcomic, and Inko loves beautiful people in uniforms. You can get sexy and beautiful postcards, prints, mini books and mangas from our booth and also we take sketch commissions.
@ site internetwebsite


Chisarinn’ Medley

Chisarinn' MedleyOur booth sells prints (A5, A4 and A3), badges, key chains, charms, fan-art and original stickers. Also maybe some printed T-shirts and a doujinshi. No R18 merchandise.
@ tumblrdeviantarttumblr


Chris Verhoest

Chris VerhoestAuthor who writes every type of M/M romances (realistic, fantasy, detective stories…).
@ facebook


Clover Doe

Clover DoeFanzines and original mangas, goodies.
@ website



CosmofantasyVideo games, series, comics, manga inspire our group and enable us to give you previously unseen works dealing with the same rich universe, which is centered on yaoi and yuri on various extents! We will offer our creations to the public: yaoi and yuri novels and doujins, goodies, illustrations of all sizes and drawings on demand (chibis, colored chests…).
@ deviantart



DOKKUNFanzine of gay comics.
@ website



DreaMakerDreaMaker is the reunion of three fujoshi friends, Zilo, Bun and Momo, who invite you to discover three different worlds: Zilo’s fantastically detailed sensual universe, Momo’s erotic and cute one, and Bun’s sour and gourmand world. Come and share your passion with us via illustrations, sketchbooks, game-books, goodies…
@ websitefacebook


EFG – Collectif d’auteurs M/M

EFG - Collectifs d'auteurs MMF.V Estyer, Johan Fournier, S.M Gerhard:a man, two women, three very different M/M authors. Each of them, in their own way, with their own style and universe, tells their love stories: contemporary as well as fantastic, from laughter to tears, they want to gather in order to meet their readers and sign their publications.
@ facebook



ELKAs a professional illustrator, I like to produce digital works, but also traditional illustrations. I am currently finishing my webcomic – Child of the Swan, a fantastic thriller in a dark fantasy universe, inspired by medieval East Europe. I will display the three volumes of the comic, but also exclusive illustrations, artbooks, posters, cards, badges and other goodies.
@ facebook


Ephemeral (Swiss)

EphemeralCome and find on the booth Ephemeral comics of the eponymous webcomic, produced by Shin (drawing and plot) and June (plot). You will also be able to purchase on their booth various goodies as stickers, badges or quality drawings and posters.
@ facebooksite internetfacebook


Erumi & Hara

Erumi & HaraWe will mainly sell postal cards, posters of various sizes (A4, A5, A6) as well as many key-chains and badges.
@ tumblr


Fangirl & Friki no Yaoi Fanbooks (Spain and Abroad)

fangirl-friki-no-yaoi-fanbooksFanbooks in BL homoerotica and always with a fun side. Authors from Spain and Abroad. We have fanbooks and related merchandise (buttons, postcards, bookmarks…) and some of our own art at sale.


Fanzine Pandora

Fanzine PandoraPandora, a fanzine with plenty of sleazy stuff in it! M/M, F/F, Bara, LGBT, the whole world diversity in a single box… But a pervert one, of course!
@ facebookwebsite



Group of self-published authors who write homo-romance.
@ facebook


Frozen Garden

Frozen Garden“Frozen Garden” is an amateur studio established in 2012. You will find on this booth every kind of comic, whose genders involve fantasy as well as BL. You will also find watercolour prints, badges and key chains. Don’t miss their new release related to Superbia, a visual novel the circle contributed to.
@ websitefacebook


Geek House

Geek HouseRutile, Soyouz and Robin Tourni unite to introduce you to their work “gay as pink ink”!
@ [tumblr] & [tumblr] & [tumblr]



KakurenboBeing an exorcist in contemporary Japan, which is surrounded by peak-technology and hardly believes in ghosts and yôkai anymore, is not a sinecure. Satoru Kondo, heir of a prestigious clan, experiences it a little more every day. Come and find the Ka-ku-ren-bô series (books, spin-off, by-products) on our booth!
@ website


Kanpeki Trash

Kanpeki TrashRather related to “boy’s love”, we wish to promote the first chapters of our respective projects, clearly different in view of their universe: on one hand, personification, on the other hand a dash of realism. Along with these, we will display a wide range of paper shop products (notebooks, cards, posters), but also key-chains and badges.
@ facebookfacebook


La Nostra Vita – Pl4netarium

La nostra vitaPl4netarium and La Nostra Vita unite to offer you an even wider selection of homo-erotic novels: drama, mafia, comedy, supernatural, in addition with a thick bed of sex, because this is how we are. From romantic to spicy, everyone will find his own happiness.
@ websitefacebookfacebook


Le Bestiaire Onirique

Le Bestiaire OniriqueOur booth is focused on fantastic creatures and fantasy. Come and find our fanzines dealing with adventure and romance!
@ facebook


Le Potager enchanté

Le Potager enchantéIn the “Potager enchanté” (the vegetable garden), we absolutely do not speak about gardening, but we meet bishounen in confusing and ambiguous situations…
@ websitefacebook


Le Village d’Otsu

Le Village d'Otsu“Le Village d’Otsu” is an RPG forum dealing with YAOI, YURI, and fantastic. The forum team produces paper fanzines and free reading fanzines on the web for various occasions. Every year, we also organize an Advent calendar. Game: Le Village d’Otsu is located in an alternative universe.
@ website


Les divas du M/M

Les divas du MMThree associated M/M (and more) authors, gathered under the name of “divas du M/M” (divas of M/M) in order to share with their readers love in all its forms via the pages of their stories, light but also dramatic.
@ facebookfacebookfacebook


Les Miaou Bijoux

Les Miaou BijouxJewellery with references (and in relation) to yaoi/yuri/seme etc… and some jewellery with manga figurines (shonen-ai only: Kuroko no Basket, Free! etc…).
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@ facebook


Manatee (Belgium)

ManateeAs a young and freshly formed group, we sell comics and short stories partly dealing with fantastic, as well as illustrations in cards and bookmarks format.
@ facebook


Mix Editions

Mix EditionsMix Editions is a publisher association established in 2015, lead and organized by members who share the same interest for love stories between men.
@ websitefacebook


Mlles Aï et Caly

Mlles Aï et CalyMlle Aï: specialized in boy’s love / She will introduce you to her original yaoi stories (comics), and possibly a haikyuu! doujin + to be determined goodies.
@ deviantart

Mlle Caly: specialized in girl’s love. / She will mainly display girl’s and boy’s love goodies (fanart),
sketch books and a doujinshi currently in preparation!



MoemaïIllustrator/colorist/comic artist producing her original work and cuteness in bulk under the sign of stars !
@ website


Neko Virus

Neko VirusWe are a team composed of two people fond of yaoi, yuri and Japanese culture. We make original works (drawings and fanzines) as well as fanarts, accessories (badges…), pixel art, and we will also sell doujinshis.
@ tumblr



NiddhegWe sell illustrated novels and comics, along with mainly BL handmade goodies.
@ website


Paper Bag

Paper BagCyna discretely hugs the walls of the BL world while keeping her paperbag around her head to stay unnoticed. However, she managed to publish the two volumesof her Boys Lovewebcomic Replica, as well as DRAMAtical Murder fancomics which will be available on her booth, along with cards and other goodies.
@ tumblrdeviantart


S.C. Rose et Mathias P.Sagan

S.C. Rose et Mathias P.SaganS.C Rose and Matthias P. Sagan, two young authors mainly writing M/M, will be greatly delighted to introduce you to their work, as well as various goodies offered during the Y/CON5.
@ facebookwebsite


Sassy Team

Sassy TeamBooth composed of four artists: sale of postal cards, pins, badges, posters, miniature creations and on demand drawings, manga and anime Fan Arts.
@ tumblrwebsite



SectumsempraWe are a Harry Potter yaoi fanzine.
@ websitefacebook


Soen & Kamineo (Germany)

Soen & KamineoTwo artists, Martina Peters and Kamineo, responsible for fun and yaoi comics like TEN and Alpha² tumble over the doorstep.
Will you be able to tear yourself from their booth full of hot comic guys and live drawing? [roll dice] @ tumblrtumblr


Sweet Strawberries (Portugal)

Sweet StrawberriesWe are three portuguese artists who will sell their own merchandise, original work and our fanart as well, the themes will be boy’s love and some shoujo-ai. We will be selling fanzines/doujinshi, books, stickers, prints, commissions and charms.
@ tumblrtumblrtumblr


Tempus Fugit

Tempus FugitTempus Fugit is a booth displaying original stories comics, often inspired by themes related to Orient and antique history, but also goodies for geeks.
@ website


Themalicious (Belgium)

Gay fanzine offering comics and texts which theme is chosen by readers every edition.
@ forum



TsukaI have been keeping drawing since my childhood, and I am fond of stories dealing with LGBT themes. I want to take advantage of the occasion offered by this event to introduce you to my own stories with a similar content, as well as goodies related to the same universe.
@ facebook



Twin LiliesAn annual Yaoi/Yuri fanzine gathering authors and comic artists working on a theme which is different every year.
@ facebook



Virescent“Virescent” will display Shali’s writings. Mainly inspired by the theme of fairytales reinterpretation, she will take you to her own worlds, where Fate is not necessarily on heroes’ side. After the success of “Blanc comme neige”, she will immerse you in another version of a famous fairy tale by plunging you in those imaginary universes.
@ websitewattpad

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