Cordelia and Doctor Pralinus


photoWriter, reader and 23 years old blogger, you have necessarily already seen one video or one article of Cordelia. On two platforms, Youtube and her blog, Cordelia shares us work presentations and opinions. Really engaged in the LGBT cause, she certainly doesn’t forget to present us novels or mangas of this genre. She also hosts a youtube LGBT+ show where we find thoughts and debates about sexuality, love, gender, identity and human relationship questions.

You can meet her and listen to her opinions live during the lecture and activity “Rape and consent in Yaoi fictions”. Her video maker experience and her analysis on this subject will surely be interesting!

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dr-pralinusDo you need a doctor who examines culture intended for women and feminine representations? Doctor Pralinus at your service. Pop culture is examined very closely but in a joyful atmosphere. With her assistants’ help, she dissects the Girly universe nonsense for her ship, the Vaginarium. But she also talks about her childhood anime heroines thanks to ToonGrrrlZ. And on this same chanel, Professor Yawa, accompanied by Bishi and Shota, has put in place specific files for a yaoi study: The Yaoi Files.

Moreover, Doctor Pralinus has checked her consultations schedule and will be with us during our convention to examine the “Rape and consent in Yaoi fictions” question in a lecture and an activity. Will you share the results with us?

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