Miyuli (Germany)


Miyuli is a trendy young illustrator, born in Riga (Latvia). Nowadays, she lives in Germany where she’s studying animation. We can’t browse in webcomics universe without finding some of her Boy’s Love to fantasy works.

In 2010, she did her first gay webcomic, Forced Seduction, supported by Smackjeeves platform. A story which begins with a bet done by Haru : the aim is to win the next person passing the door’s heart. When it’s Shiratori, class delegate, who appears, the complexity increases. Despite that, he isn’t discouraged and he will try it all to hit the jackpot!

Being successful, she continues her efforts and realizes an intense and short one shot, Hearts for sale. A beautiful story about love, broken hearts and heartache management. A poetic, perfect and well colored drawing.

Miyuli is also the author of Lost Nightmare, Ink’s story, destined to become the next bogeyman. One problem, he doesn’t want to scare people. Gothic drawings which will remind us the finest hours of Burton, a narration inspired by our childhood tales, a Proust madeleine to eat under the quilt, a hot chocolate in hands…

Occasionally, she also draws some lesbian sketches.

For this 5th Edition, the Y/CON is proud to introduce this artist to you, full of life, colors and poetry. Miyuli will take part in ‘different graphic representations of homo-fictions’ round-table and will lead various drawing activities.

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