Sir Wendigo (Italy)


At the end of July 1987, in Bologna, an amazing artist was born known as “Sir Wendigo”. He then graduated from High school of art in 2006 and from the University of art, music and entertainment (DAMS) in Bologna in 2011. He devotes himself to drawing since his young age and at 16 years old, he started drawing M/M (gay).

Lots of artists inspire him for his drawings, such as Kazuya Minekura (Saiyûki), the talented HamletMachine (whom you met during the Y/CON 4) or also EMIRAIN. Some inspiring people that we find in his works.
Sir Wendigo is also interested in semi-realism thanks to inspiring artists such as Akira 666, Skoptsy, Offrecord, Virus-AC or Andaglas. This style allows us to appreciate faces and male body perfectly drawn and very expressive.

In 2014, his first webcomic, entitled Outwards is published by Yaoi Revolution, and in France by MxM Bookmark. In an inhospitable world where the population is divided between the privileged and the outsiders, Mark Koch, trafficker and weapons builder, enjoys his position with women until he meets Stefan, a vagabond with a mysterious tattoo on his cheek. A second webcomic came out the same year: Cybersteel, in which Kevin and Alex, two resourceful students, find themselves on a ruthless killer’s radar.

With his smooth drawings, a sophisticated drawing skill and masculine art beauty, Sir Wendigo is an artist that deserves all our attention during this Y/CON 5th edition in which he will take part in ‘the different graphic representation of homo-fiction’ round-table, but also fan signing sessions and activities with you!

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