Sailor Moon Crystal


sailor_moon_crystal_newsletterFormat: Web series
Lenght: 2 x 25’
Year: 2013 – 2014
Direction: Munehisa Sakai
Language: japanese, french subtitles
Genre: magical girl, ♀♀

Screening time: Stage, saturday 12:00. Season 1 Episodes 1&2.

Reboot of the tv show that charmed our childhood and cult title of the magical girl genre.

Synopsis: Free! leads us into the lives of four high-school students, passionate about swimming. Haruka and Makoto meet Nagisa, an old friend from their primary school swim club.They learn that the club will soon be destroyed and they decide to return there one evening in order to retrieve the trophy they had won in a medley relay. They cross paths with Rin, a former member of their relay team, whom they thought was living abroad in Australia.