Amaury Grisel and Franckie Véga

Amaury Grisel is a photographic artist. In 2008 he starts to learn the shibari, firstly by need for his work, then for his passion for this art. He perfections himself with the most brilliant Japanese masters (Akira Naka, Hajime Kink, Nawashi Kanna, and many others…). Over the years, he develops his own style and conception of shibari.

Today, he became a french specialist of shibari picture, he wants to share the beauty of Japanese bondage to the general public by realizing mainly performances with his partner Franckie Véga, performer.

Amaury Grisel participated in a lot of festivals such as the Queer ! in Jakarta, the Asian Hot Shots in Berlin, and more recently the What The Fuck ? Fest*** ! in Paris. In November 2015, he does a representation in the theater Interface in Sion. In April 2016, he realizes a photo exhibition “Cordes & mes”. In March 2017 he unveils his exhibition “L’Aquarium” in the context of La Fête du Slip in Lausanne. He also organizes workshops bondage in the Place des Cordes in Paris.

The shibari or also the Japanese bondage or kinbaku-bi involves to tie his partner with ropes by using geometrical figures. The shibari enters with de framework of the sadomasochistic games, it could be sexual or not.

Find Amaury Grisel and Franckie Véga (only on Saturday) at the Y/CON 6 for a conference on shibari art, and for an introduction workshop of bondage on Sunday.

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