Hazel + Bell

Hazel and Bell are the names of a writer and an artist, both Canadian, who are working together on webcomics such as Always Raining Here. Publishing on several platforms, they regularly update their comics and edit them thanks to kickstarters. In this great team, Bell is the one that is in charge of the storyline, whereas Hazel is illustrating these fictions, with a hint of gay romance.

Under the title Always Raining Here, we can follow the adventures of two clumsy adolescents who are exploring themselves through unrequited love stories. One of them is Adrian, an unmotivated homosexual boy, who is being approached by Carter, a gay schoolmate in heat. Their meeting is the starting point of numerous awkward but cute misadventures, that we can now read in French and which will be soon edited on paper format, thanks to Editions YBY.

If Always Raining Here is coming to an end, Hazel and Bell already wrote an epilogue named Away in Summer, which is available on their Patreon but also, soon in French thanks to the ongoing Ulule. They also created other characters in similar projects. For example, we can find them in the novel The Prison Tower and in an ongoing light novel, entitled Decoy & Retrofit.

Find them at the Y/CON for various workshops, conferences and discussions about their work… But also, at the book signing too !

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