Sophie Labelle

Sophie Labelle is a transgender Canadian cartoonist, a webcomics author who writes on transgender identity, gay, bisexual and lesbian relationships. Her plates are published on her website, Assigned Male and her books, handmade, on her e-shop Etsy.

Her main work, “Assigned Male”, is a cartoon series where we follow Stéphie’s life, 11 years, a transgender girl. It’s cross Stéphie’s eyes and others Sophie Labelle’s world’s characters that the author tells us the story of Stéphie’s daily life facing transphobia and cissexism. Full of good doses of humour, irony and sharp tongues, we discover these littles scenes of trans, bisexuals, gays and lesbians children’s daily life.

Sophie Labelle have also produced some paper books, published by herself, such as “Dating Tips for Trans and Queer Weirdos”, “Nail Polish” or her latest book « The World Needs More Trans Cuties”, and many others!

Find her at the Y/CON for a conference and a « Share with… », spend time with her to talk about her favorite topics! Attention she will be at he convention on Sunday only, do not miss her.

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