Alice in Animation, also known as Alice In The Morning, is a video maker who owns a youtube channel which gives carefully argued analysis about French gendered and clichéd animations. She also uses her channel to recommend series of various nationalities and for all, and interview professionals to ask questions we might think of.

Other than that, she has another youtube channel entitled Nat and Alice In The Morning, in which they publish numerous humorous videos.

She will only be at he Y/CON 6 on Saturday, find her the conference and the discussion Youth fiction and LGBTQ+ representation, a mix we no longer expected.

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Anyta Sunday is a New Zealander writer of gay romance. She is the author of two books, Rock released in 2014 and Petits mensonges et conséquences released in 2016 by MxM Bookmark editions. Her smooth, fascinating and addictive plume will captivate lot of readers.

The first novel relates the story of Cooper, young boy who tries to find his bearings in a reconstituted family. He will create strong ties, even too strong, with his new “step-brother” Jade.
The second one it’s Sam, 30 years old in three weeks who in a (future) mid-life crisis at thirty decides to tick some new boxes in his twenties’ bucket list, it’s never too late after all!

Come to find Anyta Sunday at the Y/CON6 the workshops “Share with…” and round-tables.

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Caly was born in the 1990s, she draws since she knows how to hold a pen. Influenced by the 2000s’ manga wave, she starts to draw little cartoon inspired by manga style when she was twelve.

It is in 2007 that she starts her first webcomic MaHo•Megumi : the story of Magumi, a young junior high-school student who discovers the magic by becoming a witch apprentice. Caly continue her series during high-school and her visual communication studies. The first volume was published in self publishing in 2008. The series is ongoing with 5 volumes, an artbook and a special-issue.

Today she is also published at the H2T editions with her new serie Hana No Breath (girl’s love), the story of a young high-school student who ONLY loves boys, especially the handsome Gwen, and doesn’t understand her friends who are in love for yaoi and yuri stories. But one day she discovers that her Prince Charming is in fact a girl.

Find Caly at the Y/CON 6 for the workshop Draw with…!


Céline Etcheberry, also known as Encre Lyre, she already published two novels at Milady, which you will find under the title (Les) Mots d’Eden.

In two tomes, the author brings us Eden’s life, a student in his last year of high school. Evolving in a small town in the United States, he lives a difficult adolescence with a capricious mom and a rich but absent dad. Overnight, he sees his world changing from a suffocating monotony to a greater and wider universe where a series of events prevents him from approaching the boy he loves…

Other than that, Broken Souls is being released in Bragelonne editions. The first volume was published on the 24th of August 2016 and is entitled Petrichor. The second one, Calame, is already in library since July 2017. Despite their respective organisation’s adversity and their opposite powers, the two eponymous characters in these books unite against danger.

Find her at the Y/CON for the conferences on Contextualizing homosexuality in historical fiction and The author’s influence over his work, book signing sessions.

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Above all, Miss Cordélia is a blogger and a youtuber who owns two channels entitled Mx Cordélia and Princ(ess)e. She is also a big reader, a bit geek, a fangirl, a feminist and an activist for the LGBT+ community. She wrote a novel named Mon amie Gabrielle (My Friend Gabrielle) which retells Sarah and Gabrielle’s story, two characters including a trans that we follow during a dozens of years.

In her free time, Cordélia takes care of the Rainbowthèque, the project of a bookshelf which aims to inventory every book with LGBT+ characters. She is interested in the question of genres, identities and sexual orientations, which she tries to answer in her videos.

At the Y/CON 6, you will have the chance to meet her on Saturday for the talk If I could be your girl, a teen story almost like any other and for sining sessions.

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David Halphen aka. Spirit Darko is filmmaker and scriptwriter at Scorpio Prod and responsible for cinema development at Bangor Productions. He participated to the making of several projects such as Le Clou and Slick. Graduated from Sorbonne University at Paris 1, he worked at M6 from 2006 to 2013.

He is the author of Les Incroyables Aventures de Fusion Man (The Incredible Adventures of Fusion Man), a webcomic which he also sells in paper format now thanks to his Ulule. Every chapter recounts a complete story realised by different cartoonist to make this character live through different graphic styles that exist in the “graphic novel”, from American comic book to manga, without forgetting French-Belgian comics.

Find him at the Y/CON for the Workshop: Screenwriting a comic book, the lecture and the discussion Comic books as a medium for educating all generations, and sining sessions.

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Gabylc is a homo-romance, gay and lesbian author. She wrote in two short stories collection: in Electrique in which she wrote “Asphyxie”, a mission turns wrong on Mars and in Liens with “Telle est éprise qui croyait éprendre”.

Come to find her at the Y/CON6 on Saturday for the conference Lesbian fiction: where are the (real) women? and sining sessions.

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Guillaume Kapp is press officer and communication manager at Taifu Comics/Ototo since 2012, in which numerous yaoi and yuri mangas are published, and at Ofelbe editions. He is also e-marketing manager at Pointmanga since 2013. Unquestioned fan of manga, anime, J-music and japanese culture in general, he annually joins multiple conventions focused on Japan and likes to sell and to make people appreciate yaoi.

He discovered the genre by working in a manga cafe. Since then, he dedicated himself to manga editing and finally entered Taifu Comics, where are published books such as Love Stage!!, Super Lovers and 10 Count.

At the Y/CON, you will be able to discuss with him at the workshop Editorial project management on Sunday.

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Isabelle Varange is editorial director of Milady at Bragelonne editions since 2008. Publishing flagship series in pocket size from the parent publishing house, the label was made to offer more genres, including bit-lit, and also release exclusive books and gaming licences.

Moreover, Isabelle Varange is a former librarian and an ex-secretary at Christian Bourgois editions. She dedicated herself to fantasy and to bit-lit, which explains her commitment to Milady.

At the Y/CON, you will find her on Sunday at the workshop Editorial project management.

In partnership with Milady

Art director in trade ad, Machina Su improves erotic illustration as an amateur. In the old days she was based on fanart, but now she dedicates herself to her own original arts.

Machina Su stages, in her stories, mostly homosexual couples, but she also loves questioning the borders of gender with her characters. She invests herself a lot about the questions of LGBTQ+ representations, but also about the women place in homo-fiction.

Author of a numerous illustrations and doujin, she offers to us male sexiness just for the eyes pleasure!

Find her during the Y/CON6 for the conference Reality and Fiction : fan’s war THE CONTROVERSE


Marie Thullien is one of the authors published by YBY Editions. Mostly, she writes about homosexual relationships and about transsexuality. She wrote in the short stories collection Electrique from YBY with her work “1881”, an unusual meeting under Paris’ street lights. You can also find her work in the anthology Sur les traces de Lovecraft with “James R. Nixon’s disparition”.

During the Y/CON6, come to find her on Saturday for the conference Lesbian fiction: where are the (real) women? and sining sessions.

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Monsieur Q is an author and a comics illustrator about identity and sexuality questions.

On his website, he regularly posts some sketches which stage various characters. Thanks to those, he denounces society questions and prejudices, he wants to make his readers think.

His first comic entitled Sous le lit tells Valentin’s history, a student who lives with his mother. During a club night too drunk, he meets a man with whom he’s going to have sex with. The next day, he can’t remember if his partner has used a condom. Too scared of a change in his life and in the sight of others about his possible HIV positivity, he rejects nonstop his HIV screening and lies to his entourage by maintaining that he has done the tests. His decision becomes much more different when he meets Sam and they fall in love. Lost in his anxiety and his responsibility towards his new lover, he sinks in a nightmarish vision of his sexuality where every sexual relations is potentially contagious. To free himself from it, he will have no other choices than trust in his entourage love for him…

Find Monsieur Q at the Y/CON6 during the conference Comic books as a medium for educating all generations and during signing session.

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Nawak is a press designer and an illustrator. Following keenly the actuality and big social issues, he caricatures them with his funny drawings. If his illustrations are firstly for laughing, they also want to provoke and to make you think.

Sometimes at the heart of criticism and rough debate on internet, the artist doesn’t lose his smile. Engaged in the discriminations struggle, the human rights and individual liberties’ defense, he is an activist and shares about his convictions through his drawings. Numerous are the clients who request his help for their works.

Today, in addition to his plates on internet, three comic books have been realized whose La France en rose et bleu dealing with a France against everything woke up by Mariage pour tous (wedding for everyone) debates. You can also find the inescapable Le Journal intime de Siri the unbelievable Nawak cat whose he draws its daily life. Watch out, we could be impressed of cats’ power on humans!

During the Y/CON 6, come to find Nawak as from 1:00 pm during the workshop “Draw with…”, discussions and round-tables to share with him on topics that meant to him.

Nephyla is an illustrator and colorist. Enthusiast of drawing and little etching since ever, she suddenly get it thanks to the manga and Japanese anime’s discovery. Then she throws herself into cartoon. But after her degrees and after co-producing the Sébastien short film, Nephyla realizes that what makes her heart beats is narration. Thus, she starts her freelance career.

She published her first plates at Mangas Kids with Castel for the storyline. Then contacted by “Strawberry” collection at Soleil edition, she published Rutile the Geek & Girly comic. Meanwhile, Nephyla has done many illustrations for magazines, books or also board games. She also became colorist, especially for François Amoretti’s Burlesque Girrrl.
And, on personal side she’s not be outdone. Indeed, since more than 10 years old, she is at fanzine RAXXON and she produces her books herself, such as Le Point Noir.

Come to find Nephyla at the Y/CON6 for the workshop “Draw with…”.

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Her head in Paris but her hearth in Brittany, Noémie Saint Gal is a translator. Syntax and punctuation’s enthusiast, she works for four publishing houses which three of them are turned by LGBTQ+ literature, Pocket Jeunesse in 15 years old and more collection, MxM Bookmark, Dreamspinner Press and Reines-Beaux.
When she is not translating, Noémie Saint Gal reads a lot and every kind.

Come to find her at the Y/CON6 on Saturday for the talk If I could be your girl, a teen story almost like any other.

In partnership with Pocket Jeunesse

Pauline Mardoc is an editorial director at Pocket Jeunesse since June 2014. Passionate about literature, she is in charge of the 15 year-old and + collection and edits a great number of works, one of which is the series entitled La maison de la nuit. She particularly likes fantasy and publishes each year between 8 and 10 large format fictions, every translation included.

Graduated in Applied contemporary literature edition from the University of Paris-Sorbonne, she had the opportunity to work with many publishing houses like J’ai Lu, Harlequin and Flammarion. Through her editorial choices, Pauline Mardoc tries to normalize the appearance of LGBTQ+ characters in adolescent literature. We can especially see it with Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe written by Benjamin Alire Saenz, in which two teenagers seek their own identity through a moving romance.

At the Y/CON, you will be able to find her for conferences, as the Youth fiction and LGBTQ+ representation, a mix we no longer expected‘s conference and discussions, including the book If I could be your girl, written by Meredith Russo about a transgender heroine named Amanda.

In partnership with Pocket Jeunesse

At 33 years, Reru is a nurse, and also an author. Everything begins with her passion for reading (fantasy, fantastic, thriller) which pushes her in the fanfiction and yaoi’s world.

For a long time, Reru writes for her own, then in 2012, she gets to step by writing her first fanfictions. The adventure go on three years. She digresses bit by bit from this type to write her own original stories.

She enters in the edition world in 2014, when she writes a text for a MxM Bookmark’s call for papers whose subject was the seven deadly sins. Next she publishes two texts for the same edition : Sweet & Sour, and more recently Rêve d’améthyste which deals with handicap.

Find Reru at the Y/CON 6 for the lecture Restyled tales, a kind we could read all day!, and during signing session.

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Shali or Virescent (especially in our South of France friends) is a boy’s love author (love relationships between boys). She is also on wattpad and on Y-BAY (Event Yaoi’s shop) where you can find her works.

Dove into her stories where fantasy, drama, sci-fi and romance are mixing. Be captivated by the unlikely meeting of prince Alistair and Neige, an odd boy, in Blanc comme neige or escape with the proud Mali in the middle of Exotique, an intoxicating place of Eastern scents, in Un bouton d’or sur le sable.

Come to find Shali at the Y/CON6 for the lecture Restyled tales, a kind we could read all day!.