About us

Y/CON 7, the key exhibition about homo-fictions

Since 2016, the Y/CON settles in Paris, cultural crossroad of Europe. This one of a kind exhibition offers a program as rich as diverse, on a 2100m² space. We are proud to display gay, lesbian, trans, bi, asexual, M/M, F/F, yaoi, yuri, bara cultural mediums, and even more…

The exhibition welcomes a lot of guests and speakers (mangaka, cartoonists, novelists, directors, performers…) from France or from abroad such as Miyuli (Germany), HamletMachine (USA), K.J. Charles (England), Marie Sexton (USA), Doc Wendigo (Italy), David Gilson (France), Monsieur Q (France)… This exhibition gathers each time more exhibitors (~100) and a lot of partners and journalists, who continue to support us over the years. More than 2500 faithful and curious visitors coming from all over Europe are expected this year!

Lectures, workshops and round tables are the opportunity for the visitors to share some highlights with the guests, speakers and exhibitors of the Y/CON. The artists, as for them, can exchange with their fans in a warm atmosphere conducive to meetings between enthusiasts.
The weekend is rhythmed by animations (cosplay, dance, karaoke, video games…) with our organizer’s team. Short and long films projections, series and anime are also offered to the audience, as well as a thematic exposition putting renowned artists in the spotlight.

Prestigious guests, professional exhibitors, independent artists, all the actors of the homo-fiction world arrange to meet every year during the Y/CON.
The exhibition gathers a lot of publishers (novels, manga, comics books), associations, authors, illustrators and creators, fanzines and goodies’ shops! Visitors can also have some gustative and visual surprises in our catering space.

Y/CON : What does it mean ? / Why this name ?

• The “Y” gathers the terms Yaoi* and Yuri*. It’s also the “Y” from “You” in English because this event is for you and is a part of a safe space where you can blossom and where nobody judge you or denigrate your passion.
• The “/” symbol (slash) embodies homo-romantic relationships that enthusiasts imagine between mangas, series, movies, novels or other media’s characters. The slash is for most of us the starting point of our passion and it’s still a built-in part of our activities!
CON is of course the “Convention” abbreviation, English word that define exhibitions and gathering of enthusiasts.

The Y/CON, it’s an immersive world where each and every one can be what they want.
Join us to live a unforgettable experience!

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